I came across James’ profile actually on the Steinberg website as I was looking for tutorials and /or a DAW teacher.  The random Nuendo/Cubase tutorials on You tube are way too quick and choppy for a beginner like myself.  Enter James Blennerhassett.  We have done Zoom meetings which I find very personable and go at the speed which I can easily follow along.  James takes the time to answer any questions I have in great detail but he also gives me just enough advanced notions for future endeavours while recording.  I have to mention, the witty banter during the lessons are absolutely great. Can’t say enough about James and his live tutorials.  You learn plenty but have lots of fun in doing so. I look forward to each and every one of his tutorials.  Thank you James! 

Conrad Wiggins. Canada

James is a very dedicated and hard-working bassist who has always given 100% to any activity he is part of, whether touring, recording, directing or composing – plus he’s great company too!

Nick Scott – Mary Black band

James has a great in depth knowledge of Cubase which really helped me in getting started with this powerful DAW. Thanks to his hands on tuition I am well on the way to becoming a Cubase power user.

Kieran Leonard – Percussionist https://www.kleonardmusic.com

Had a really positive learning experience with James. Very professional and knowledgeable across all sections of Cubase. If you’re looking for the basics or to take your Cubase projects and mixes to the next level, I would highly recommend Blenntech.

Dan O’GormanWiggleywoo Animation

As an intermediate level Cubase user, I was looking for someone to help me take it it to the next level. I was referred to James at Blenntech by a friend and I learnt more about music production in a few structured personal sessions than I would have from YouTube tutorials.

Derek – Enniskillen

James was an amazing help to me, I was using Cubase Elements and he advised me to upgrade to Artist for the extra facilities it would give me. I had previously had some difficulty with technical issues which were interfering with my creative workflow and he competently explained to me how to resolve these with the result that I am now a very happy Cubase user.

Kane O’Rourke – Derek Ryan band

Last Wednesday, James carried out a workshop for the Music Performance, Theory, and Technology Group in Mayo MSLETB In which he brilliantly guided us through each of the features of Cubase, and its plug-ins, such as Groove Agent SE and Halion Sonic SE. James carefully explained how recording instruments, vocals and MIDI works in the software, as well as the creation and inclusion of percussion via Groove Agent SE. Overall James was very approachable and exceptionally good at explaining the processes involved, not leaving any of us confused nor behind in his explanations. To further explain the workings of Cubase, rather than just talk through the recording process, James got us on the course to record bass, guitar and vocals on the software which further strengthened our understanding of Cubase. Furthermore, should we forget some of the material covered in the workshop, James encouraged us to write down the key points to allow us to refer to the material. Overall, he was excellent at breaking down the processes of Cubase and is someone who I would recommend for further Cubase workshops.

James Ryder. Mayo MSLETB

James is a personable and knowledgeable tutor who helped me learn how to best utilise Dorico. I run a big horn band and the skills he helped me learn have made my job substantively easier. Oh, and you must check out his videos 🙂

Tige De Coster. Seattle . Arranger

The sessions were great, made fun with your warm and patient personality and incredible understanding of all the intricacies of cubase.  I only wish I had time for more right now.  Thanks Mark.

Mark Van Den Bergh. Brand & Creative Director. Max Benjamin